About Us

We remove the jargon/hassle and provide transparency.


We are aware that things do not always go according to plan first time (especially within our sector), but our promise is to deliver the highest level of customer service within our industry and we promise that we will not to shy away from any issue, no matter how big or small.


THIS IS WHAT's Important To Us


We solve a diverse range of issues for our customers; dispute resolution with the energy supplier for a large farm, negotiating rates on the card processing fees for a trampoline centre, or managing the installation of LED’s into multiple schools for a trust. We don’t shy away from our customers problems, no matter how big or small.

Trustworthy & Transparent

The foundation of our business is built on trust and transparency, we earn trust by doing what we say and good communication. We work transparent by producing a detailed pricing report for all our clients alike.


Being approachable is at the core of our business culture. We operate an open-door policy which means there is no question too complicated, no job too big or small. We want our customers to feel totally comfortable when seeking answers, help or guidance, and they do.

Dedicated Account Manager

Don’t want to speak to a different person every time you call? At Diverse Utility Solutions you will have a dedicated account manager. That means a single point of contact whenever you email or call us. An account manager who knows your circumstances, understands what you want from our service and go the extra mile when you need it. Let us know how you prefer to be contacted and when.


We Pay extreme attention to pricing clients supplies for their best interest; all pricing reports are bespoke to the client's business needs.

Meet The Team

Our Management Team:-

Managing Director


Operations Director


Commercial Director


Regional Business Manager


Our Service Team:-

Director of Commercial Waste


National Sales Manager


Web & EPOS Now Specialist


Security Team

Skye & Biscuit

    Skye and Biscuit.

    Skye loves her toys and scatters them everywhere, choosing which to play with first.

    where as Biscuit likes to sit by the fire to keep it in check, barks when she wants it ranked up and only likes to go outside when it more than 20 degrees.

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